Pastor to Seniors

Ian Beaman

Ian was born in Newcastle, but has lived in Melbourne since 1985. He has a BSc and PhD from Newcastle University and an MA in Church Practice from Tabor Bible College. He retired from Monash University in 2014 after serving 24 years as a Senior Lecturer in Information Systems and Mathematics. He loves teaching the Bible and seeing others come to a deeper understanding of God’s Word. He is married to Chrissy and they have three adult children and one…
Youth & Young Adults Pastor

Paul Bremner

Paul loves his coffee and sport but most of all, he is passionate about Jesus Christ and seeks to help others to encounter Him by teaching the Bible and sharing his faith.  A graduate of Melbourne School of Theology, Paul spent ten years involved in the missional organisation Youth Dimension. Throughout his time at YD, Paul was responsible for teaching the Bible to students and overseeing the ‘Outreach Department’ which sought to share the good news of Jesus in various…
Pastor to Chinese Congregation

Richard Li

Richard was born in China and immigrated to Australia more than 20 years ago. He found faith in his 30s and was called, trained and ordained as a Baptist pastor with an MDiv from University of Divinity (Whitley College). He has more than 10 years of experience in serving on the frontlines of ministry within a complex cross-cultural church context. Before becoming a pastor, he worked in different industries, including information system development, import and distribution business and residential property…