To love God, love people & make disciples of Jesus who do the same

To love God, love people & make disciples of Jesus who do the same

To love God, love people & make disciples of Jesus who do the same

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BLAST Online

Kids' church is back up and running on-site. If you can't make it then we still have our online lessons available.

Kids' church is back up and running on-site and we'd love to see you in person. If you prefer to stay home though then we still have our online lessons available.

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Latest Sermons

Philippians Chapter 3

Sunday 21st March, 6pm sermon by Ps Paul Bremner Questions from Philippians Chapter 3: Are you a happy person or a joyful person?  Consider the differences between the two. Jesus is always worthy of the excitement of our souls, and He is most glorified when we are excited and enthusiastic about Him. …When do you find it easy to rejoice in the Lord? When do you find it hard to rejoice in Him? Salvation occurs instantly when a person responds…

Matthew: Faith and Flourishing – 5:17-20

Sunday 21st March, 9am sermon by Owen Woodall Matthew Chapter 5:17 – 20 Discussion Questions 1)     How does Jesus living in complete obedience to the Law provided in the Old Testament “reveal the Law” to us?  How does this add to what is already there? 2)     How many prophecies of the Messiah can your small group name in 3 minutes?  Set an alarm, ask someone to scribe, and name as many collectively as you can (if you can’t remember the…

Philippians 2:19-30

Sunday 14th March, 6pm sermon by Rev Dr. Andrew Menzies Questions for discussion Phil 2:19-29 Snickers or Mars Bars? Look at these passages (Phil 2:16-18; Gal 1:13-16; Rom 10:9-13; Acts 7:58-59) about Paul’s transformation once he met Jesus on the road to Damascus.  What changes have you undergone since deciding to follow Jesus? Think of people in your life who seem a long way from following Jesus.  Share about them and pray for them. Paul had a great relationship with…

Latest Posts

New Check-In Process

Matt explains the new contact tracing check-in process that we are now required to follow when attending any of our church services onsite. If you have any questions or concerns then please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. 0

Change of Service Time

Great news – Beginning from Sunday 18th April 2021, our morning worship service will now start at 9:30 am, so please note the following: Continue to come early as we still need everyone to sign in which may take some time. Please come along and enjoy fellowship and band rehearsal before the service. We would appreciate if people could move forward to find a seat as we need ample seating for our ever increasing number of young families. We are…

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