LinC, which stands for Love In The Name of Christ, is a large group of volunteers from local Christian denominations, joining together to help people within the City of Whitehorse who have short-term needs.

Since 2001, the LinC volunteers from Mitcham Baptist church have played a significant and vital part in the welfare ministry of this church. Together with LinC volunteers from other churches, they readily respond to calls for assistance in supporting needy people in our neighbourhood.

Our volunteers help with:
Visitation/friendship • Home help • Transport • Garden cleanups and mowing • Shopping assistance • Child care • Tutoring • Emergency food

Are you aware of the great needs in our neighbourhood, long to help, but you don’t know how to go about it?  LinC gives you an opportunity to demonstrate God’s love to others by sharing this very important community outreach initiative. When joining the Mitcham Baptist LinC team, you are given training, you nominate what help you are prepared to offer, and how regularly you are willing to be contacted.  It is likely that you will only be called upon occasionally throughout the year.


If you want to know more about LinC at MBC then please email Joy Olney using our contact form or call the LinC Referral Centre on (03) 9873 2293.