Sermons by Ps Paul Bremner

Sermons by Ps Paul Bremner

Philippians Chapter 3

Sunday 21st March, 6pm sermon by Ps Paul Bremner Questions from Philippians Chapter 3: Are you a happy person or a joyful person?  Consider the differences between the two. Jesus is always worthy of the excitement of our souls, and He is most glorified when we are excited and enthusiastic about Him. …When do you find it easy to rejoice in the Lord? When do you find it hard to rejoice in Him? Salvation occurs instantly when a person responds…

Philippians 1:18-30

Sunday 21st February, 6pm sermon by Ps Paul Bremner Philippians 1:19-30 Questions: What is your own view of death? Are there any ways in which you are influenced by your culture’s perspective on it, rather than a Christian one? Paul clearly wrestled with the dilemma where he longed to die as it would be “far better” for him as it would bring him into the presence of Jesus Christ his Lord. However, it was for the greater good of those…

Philippians 1:3-18

Sunday 14th February, 6pm sermon by Ps Paul Bremner. Paul continues our new series through the book of Philippians. Study questions below may be used for small group or personal study. “God Finishes what He starts.” How does this comfort you when you face trials in life, or you are particularly aware of your own sinfulness or weakness? How has this passage caused you to consider how you pray and whom you pray for? What is the difference between true…

Philippians 1:1-2

Sunday 7th February, 6pm sermon by Ps Paul Bremner This week Paul begins an exciting new series preaching out of the book of Philippians. Today we look at the context for the book and the introductory comments at its beginning. 0

Titus 2:11-14

Sunday 10th January, 6pm sermon by Ps Paul Bremner. Paul shares some encouragements from the teaching of Paul’s letter to Titus about the return of Jesus Christ. 0

Jacob Wrestles with God

Sunday 10th January, 10am sermon by Ps Paul Bremner Paul unpacks Jacob’s famous encounter with God, and offers us an encouragement regarding our own relationship with God. 0