Sermons by Ps Ian Beaman

Sermons by Ps Ian Beaman

Philippians 2:1-11

Sunday 28th February, 6pm service by Ps Paul Bremner Questions to consider from Philippians 2:1-11 1.What is your instinctive reaction to “humility”? 2. How can you look to the interests of others more than your own today? 3. How does reflecting on Christ’s humility move you to worship Him? 4. How does Christ’s humility challenge you to live like Him? 5. What will it look like for you humbly to submit to the will of God in your life right…

Matthew: Faith & Flourishing 4:18-25

Sunday 21st February, 9am sermon by Ps Ian Beaman Questions for discussion – Matthew 4:18-25 Does a call to follow Jesus always require a preparedness to leave our family, our business etc?  Why does Jesus not require this of the vast majority of Christians? How can there be a present and a future aspect to the Kingdom of Heaven?  Will believers be present in the future Kingdom when Jesus comes to reign on earth? Why does the preaching of the…

Jonah – Week 5

Sunday 28th June, 10 am sermon by Ps Ian Beaman Ian continues our series in “Lesson learned while running away from God” looking at the important lesson on how to learn well.