Sermons by Owen Woodall

Sermons by Owen Woodall

Matthew: Faith and Flourishing – 5:17-20

Sunday 21st March, 9am sermon by Owen Woodall Matthew Chapter 5:17 – 20 Discussion Questions 1)     How does Jesus living in complete obedience to the Law provided in the Old Testament “reveal the Law” to us?  How does this add to what is already there? 2)     How many prophecies of the Messiah can your small group name in 3 minutes?  Set an alarm, ask someone to scribe, and name as many collectively as you can (if you can’t remember the…

Philippians 2:12-18

Sunday 7th March, 6pm sermon by Owen Woodall Questions to consider from Philippians 2:12 – 18 1.      A Christian needs to walk a line between being dependant on God, but at the same time, not refusing to take any action of their own in their life.  How do you find the correct balance?  How did Jesus? 2.      At what times in your life, and in which areas of your life, do you find your obedience to God difficult? 3.      When…

1 Samuel – Week 15

Sunday 14th June, 6 pm sermon by Owen Woodall Owen continues the series in the book of 1 Samuel which tells of the fall of Saul and the rise of God’s chosen King: David. This week we are looking at 1 Samuel 16.