Our Destination

Our Destination

My wife and I returned last week from an extended holiday to South America. We went there to attend the wedding of my wife’s nephew, but having travelled that far, we decided to use the opportunity to see a number of the tourist attractions the continent had to offer. After a few nights in Buenos Aires in Argentina, we were to fly out to Peru, so my wife asked the receptionist in our hotel to help her book an “Uber” on her phone to take us to the airport. Unbeknown to us, the receptionist put in the destination as the wrong airport. We did not even know there were two international airports in the city. We arrived at the wrong airport only to find that our flight was from the other airport. We were told that we would need to get a taxi very quickly as the time of our flight was rapidly approaching. Fortunately, we found a waiting taxi as soon as we exited, and he promised to rush us to the correct airport without too much speeding. We arrived with only 45 minutes before our flight’s scheduled departure. Again, we were fortunate that there was not a long queue at the check-in counter, and I believe we were the last passengers on the plane.

Although this experience was stressful at the time, I can now look back and be thankful that a number of things contributed to us being able to make the flight to Peru. And of course, lessons were learned that will stay with us whenever we travel again, one of which is to always check the destination when booking an “Uber”.

As Christians, we know our “final” destination, but I wonder if we sometimes forget that we are to live as citizens of that destination while here on earth. We are residents of earth, but citizens of heaven. It is sometimes said of someone that “they are so heavenly minded that they are no earthly use”. I think this statement has it the wrong way. I believe it should say that someone is “so earthly minded that they are no heavenly use”. Having our eyes on our heavenly destination will mean that we are able to discern “God’s will on earth as it is in heaven”. Too often we find that we create temporary destinations along the way that turn out to be “cul de sacs” or wrong turns, and we must back track to get onto the path of God’s will for our lives.

Wrong destinations often tempt us on our Christian journey. Sometimes we are unaware that it is a wrong destination. It is only when such a destination does not satisfy us, or we suffer the consequences of pursuing this destination that we realise it was not one that was part of God’s will for us.

Blessings Ian