Why we Exist?

To love God, love people & make disciples of Jesus who do the same.

What we long to see

To see people of our communities transformed through the power of faith, hope and love in Jesus Christ

Who we are

A Community of disciples of Jesus who are:

Passionately loving God through regular and devoted:

  • Prayer – personally and together;
  • Reading, teaching, applying and living out God’s Word;
  • Humble dependence upon the Holy Spirit; and
  • Expressions of Worship – personally and together.

Practically loving people by:

  • Welcoming everyone;
  • Journeying and sharing our lives together;
  • Serving others; and
  • Loving people as God loves us.

Making disciples who:

  • Develop intentional relationships;
  • Connect people with other followers of Jesus;
  • Share the Gospel;
  • Equip new believers; and
  • Make disciples in their communities.