CRT Update

CRT Update

The Victorian Government has significantly altered the rules for us effective from today. Be aware of the current restrictions and the impact on your ministry:

1. The church property is now open again, however there are some limitations as follows.

2. Services:

– 100 people are permitted to attend worship services in the auditorium. We will set up Eventbrite again to ensure we stay under the cap. 

– Attendees and participants at services must continue to follow all covid rules like signing in with a QR code, wearing masks indoors and outdoors, maintaining social distancing, following hygiene, not staying around too long after things have finished etc.

– Creche will be on this Sunday. Just finding out if we can do Blast and Bible Jam.

3. Ministries are permitted to meet in the church building. The cap for religious gatherings is  100. Density requirements of 1 person per 4 sq m and room limits apply. See table attached. Participants must follow all Covid rules like signing in with a QR code, wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, following hygiene, etc. Anyone attending the premises must check in with the QR code regardless of the length of the visit, this includes parents dropping off their kids.  

4. All ministries and events must have someone designated as a COVID check in Marshal standing at the door requesting people check in.  

5. Staff are able to return to the office. Masks must be worn indoors unless someone is working in a room alone.

6. The church building is again open to external groups who provide a Covid-safe plan and follow all covid rules, etc.

7. Small groups are not permitted to meet in homes. If you would like to meet in person, you can do so at church. Please book a room via the church office.  

We are thankful for things opening up again.

Let us know if you have any questions.

CRT Team

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