CRT Update 15/07/2022

CRT Update 15/07/2022

This week Australians and Victorians have been requested to wear masks in indoor settings. While this is not a ‘requirement’ it is a strong suggestion and carries particular weight because it is endorsed by the Chief Health officers and is for the benefit of our public health system.  Therefore, the CRT endorses the wearing of masks indoors at MBC wherever practical.  The following is not compulsory but strongly recommended.  Specifically, 

·         Staff are strongly encouraged to wear masks in the office and work from home if their household has family members with covid and flu like symptoms.

·         All ministries and services that meet indoors at Simla Street (including worship services) are strongly encouraged to wear masks if possible and it is suggested that folk refrain from attending if their household has family members with covid and flu like symptoms.  

·         Basic hygiene practices previously used are again strongly encouraged: washing of hands, use of antibacterial hand lotions, wearing of masks, sensible social distancing, etc.

The CRT endorses these sensible practices in an endeavour to care for those who are vulnerable and ensure we are doing what we can to support the health system which is under great strain.  We trust that this situation will lift in coming weeks and we want all ministries and services to continue and flourish but remind you that mid-winter, more than ever, is a good time for safe practices.

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