COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Hi Church,

You would have heard by now that we are back in lock down for a week. Here is what it means for MBC:

  • Church premises will be closed from From 11.59pm Thursday, 27 May until 11.59pm Thursday 3 June. Ministries will not be happening on site and the church office is not open. Only authorised people are allowed on site.
  • If you need to get in contact with the church office, please email Cathy at [email protected] or call the church phone number 9873 2576.
  • Church will be online this Sunday for all services. We’d love for you to join us online and reach out to others in the MBC Community to let them know that church will only be streamed online this week.
  • We recognise that the next week will not be easy for some. So if there is anything we can assist with, please don’t hesitate to contact a Pastor or the Elders.

Hopefully, this is only short term and we can get back to doing things in person soon. As I have been reminded in numerous ways today, let’s remember that God is still in control.

Thanks, Matt Crouch
on behalf of the CRT: Matt, Rob, Andrew and Owen.