COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

COVID Response Team

26th October 2020

The CRT met this week to consider and apply the recent changes by the government.  At last there is some positive news developing for us!  The first point that we all need to make however, is the need for all of us to strictly abide by the MBC Covidsafe Policy and government rules whenever we meet as MBC groups onsite or offsite.  This involves distancing, facemasks, sanitising, signing-in and signing-out and following the Covidsafe Policy

Some changes for us include the following:

  • Government rules use the title ‘faith leader’.  MBC interprets this to mean that a ‘faith leader’ is an employed minister or pastor of our church.
  • Cathy Stewart (MBC Administrator) is the designated MBC Covidsafe Officer.
  • The church is able to be opened by appointment for tradespeople, staff and individuals who have a need to be onsite for a particular task.  Appointments must be made with Cathy and at reasonable times, suitable to her, primarily in her normal work hours.
  • Staff and pastors are still required to work from home.  
  • From this Sunday we are able to allow ten people (plus a pastor) to be involved in the broadcast of each worship service up front and behind the scenes.
  • From this Monday we will permit 20 people (plus a pastor and appropriate production personnel) to attend onsite for funerals and services of thanksgiving.  Infants under 1 years of age (while definitely real people!) are not counted among these numbers.

The CRT meets again next week to map out the next tranche of changes.  Stay tuned for more updates.