COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Hi all,

Slowly but surely restrictions are easing.

The CRT met during the week and provide an update on the changes relevant for the MBC:

  1. Church will be on again this Sunday in person and online and we are allowed to have 75 people attend in-person. We will be running the Eventbrite registration system, so if you would like to come in person, you will need to register. There will be no Creche, Blast or Bible Jam this week during the 9:30am service. The 11:30am and 6pm services will also run and you will need to register with Eventbrite
  2. Ministries will soon start to be able to meet back. There are restrictions that will need to be following, however, stay tuned for an update from your ministry leaders about when your ministry will be starting back in person. 
  3. You will still need to use the QR code to sign into church. The requirement is now that anyone (over 15) who visits the church must use the QR code to check in, even if you visit for less than 15 minutes.
  4. Masks must be worn at all times indoors.
  5. Connect Groups: households are limited to two adults per day together or separately (dependants of visiting adults excluded from cap). If you want to have your Connect Group meet at church, please check with Cathy about the church’s availability.

We hope to provide more good news in the coming weeks and we hope to see you again soon. 

Thanks, CRT