BLAST – Zacchaeus

BLAST – Zacchaeus

Good morning BLAST kids! Watch the video below and download your worksheets. Remember when you finish watching the video to have a go at this week’s quiz. We also have a special song for this week at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Try our quiz to test your knowledge.
If you need any help with the answers then be sure to ask Mum or Dad.


Discussion QuestionQuestions
Prep/KinderWorksheet 1 / Worksheet 2
Grades 1/2Worksheet 1
Grades 3/4Worksheet 1 / Worksheet 2
Grade 5Worksheet 1

Click the link below to hear a special song about Zacchaeus!

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    Travis Fanner

    Congratulations to Benjamin, Levi, Zeph, Sam and Aden who all completed last weeks quiz with outstanding results. Keep up the good work.

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