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BLAST resources for Sunday 31/05/2020

This week our BLAST kids will be learning about the epic story of David and Goliath. Remember to download the discussion questions as well as the age specific worksheets. Have fun!

Discussion QuestionsQuestion Sheet
Prep/KinderWorksheet 1 / Worksheet 2
Grades 1/2Worksheet
Grades 3/4Worksheet 1 / Worksheet 2 / Worksheet 3
Grade 5Worksheet 1 / Worksheet 2

BLAST Resources for Sunday 24/05/2020

Here’s our resources for this week. Enjoy! Click the links below to watch this weeks video and download the worksheets. This week we’ll be learning about the story of Samson! The video can be seen below.

Discussion Questions: Question Sheet

Prep/Kinder:Worksheet 1 / Worksheet 2
Grades 1/2:Worksheet 1 / Worksheet 2
Grades 3/4:Worksheet
Grade 5:Worksheet 1 / Worksheet 2

Blast Resources for Sunday 29/03/2020

Hi kids, we’ve got some fun content for you to get into while the grown ups listen to our live stream! Check out our content below: