Posts from September 2021

Posts from September 2021

CRT Update 23/09/2021

The Covid Response Team met this week to begin applying the recently announced government roadmap as it applies to MBC.  We are attempting to work through implications for Christians and applications of it to our church.  Because the indicative dates for openings are at least a month away and we all know that things often change at the last minute, we are continuing to exercise caution before announcing opening dates, etc.  We also need to signal that there may be…

BLAST – Jesus: Friend of Sinners

Hi BLAST! We have some activities and videos about Jesus and his interactions with people in Israel. We hope you have fun this weekend! Activity Sheets Colouring In Page 1 Colouring In Page 2 Word Search Crossword

BLAST – The Prodigal Son

Hi BLAST! We have some activities and videos about the parable of the good Samaritan. We hope you have fun this weekend. Also be sure to check out the bonus Father’s Day content as well. Happy Father’s day MBC!! Activity Sheets Prodigal Son Colouring In Prodigal Son Coded Words Prodigal Son Hidden Hearts Dad Jokes! Father’s Day “Would you Rather..?” Fathers of the Bible Word Search