Posts from May 2021

Posts from May 2021

BLAST – The Helmet of Salvation

Hi BLAST! We’re back online this week, and we have a wonderful Superbook video for you to watch this week about the conversion of Saul, who would later on become the apostle Paul. For parents: This week’s video is an indirect link to the image of the helmet of salvation. Saul’s experience on the road to Damascus was a dramatic encounter with Jesus that led him to believe and have faith in Christ. This faith that saves him is the…

State youth Games 2021

Hi Youth! If you’re interested in signing up for SYG this year click the link below to join up through the SYG website. Cost is $50, and registrations are due by the 5th June. Have a chat with pastor Paul or James Meyer for all the latest on MBC’s involvement.

COVID-19 Update

Hi Church, You would have heard by now that we are back in lock down for a week. Here is what it means for MBC: Church premises will be closed from From 11.59pm Thursday, 27 May until 11.59pm Thursday 3 June. Ministries will not be happening on site and the church office is not open. Only authorised people are allowed on site. If you need to get in contact with the church office, please email Cathy at [email protected] or call…