Posts from January 2021

Posts from January 2021

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Brain Teaser: I left my campsite and hiked south for 3 kilometres. Then I turned east and hiked for 3 kilometres. I then turned north and hiked for 3 kilometres, at which time I saw a bear inside my tent eating my food! What colour was the bear? ANSWER: White. The north pole is the only place where you can travel south, then east, then north and end up at your starting location. Since the only bears that live at…

Church News (plus riddle answer!)

Q: How do you make the number 7 even without addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division? A: Drop the “S”. (7 is spelt ‘seven’. If you remove the ‘s’, you are left with ‘even’) 0

CRT Update 15th January

CRT update The Covid Response Team met this week to monitor recent government announcements and how things have been travelling at MBC over summer.  Three items of news emerged which we wish to communicate: All people attending MBC services are encouraged to continue to be diligent with electronic signing-in via the established ticketing system or via the paper sheet at the door.  It is really important that we maintain this practice and not become complacent. All visitors to the church…