Posts from July 2020

Posts from July 2020

BLAST – Peter & Cornelius

Good morning BLAST families! This week our kids will be learning all about the story of Peter and his encounter with Cornelius, and the incredible work that the Holy Spirit was doing in their lives. Remember to download the worksheets and have a family discussion about this wonderful story. Discussion Questions Questions Prep/Kinder Worksheet Grades 1/2 Worksheet Grades 3/4 Worksheet Grade 5 Worksheet

COVID-19 Update

As per current State Government and BUV guidelines, all persons over 12 years of age who enter the church property are required to wear face coverings. The only exceptions are for those individuals who fall under specific categories outlined by the DHHS who are not required to wear coverings. Those who are speaking or singing as part of the services are not required to wear face covering during the production of the services but must wear them before and after…

BLAST – Philip and the Ethiopian

Hi BLAST families! This week we will be learning about the Story of Philip and his encounter with the Ethiopian on the way to the city of Gaza. Click the links below to download the worksheets and discussion questions. Have fun everybody! Discussion Questions Questions Prep/Kinder Worksheet Grades 1/2 Worksheet 1 / Worksheet 2 Grades 3/4 Worksheet / Worksheet 2 Grade 5 Worksheet 1 / Worksheet 2 / Worksheet 3

BLAST – John the Baptist

Hello BLAST kids, and welcome to term 3! This term we are going to be beginning a new series looking through the Superbook videos! Today we are going to learn about the story of John the Baptist and the importance of speaking the truth. Simply play the video below and then download the discussion questions and worksheets for each year levels. Get ready to BLAST off into the Superbook! Discussion Questions Questions Prep/Kinder Worksheet 1 / Worksheet 2 Grades 1/2…

COVID-19 Update

The CRT held its scheduled meeting this week.  Unfortunately given the latest government announcements, the situation we face as a church is the ongoing closure of the church building and the requirement of all MBC groups that meet offsite or in homes also to obey the new rules.  These rules only permit us to leave the house for certain reasons, none of which are for general religious activities.  The bulk of our church life will necessarily remain online for this…

BLAST – Happy Joy

Hi kids, here’s today’s BLAST video, enjoy!

BLAST – Don’t Worry, Be Happy

School holidays is still in full swing, so we don’t have any worksheets this week. However we do have an exciting video from Hillsong Kids. Enjoy!