Posts from June 2020

Posts from June 2020

BLAST – Bigger

Hi kids! It’s school holidays so there are no worksheets today, but we do have another episode from the Hillsong Kids Channel which we are sure you’ll enjoy. 0

BLAST – Jonah Exclusive!

This week we will be having a very special video about the prophet Jonah. Don’t forget to download this week’s activity sheets. Enjoy! Discussion Questions Question Sheet Prep/Kinder Worksheet 1 / Worksheet 2 Grades 1/2 Worksheet Grades 3/4 Worksheet Grade 5 Worksheet 1 / Worksheet 2 / Worksheet 3 0

COVID-19 Update

We are pleased to announce the decision by the Church Leadership to re-open the church premise from the start of Term 3 13th July 2020) in certain circumstances. This is inline with the easing of restrictions from the State and Federal Governments and advice from the BUV.  We have developed a number of measures to allow this to happen including changes to the entrance and entry of the premises, like sign in and out sheets for contact tracing, cleaning requirements for the…